The minotaur

15 Aug

>> Previous adventure (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1 was a starters edition with a little fantasy from our DM. Chapter 2 starts from here and is completely written by our DM.


Back in Phandalin we meet Linene and Leah at their office. We tell them what we saw in the Wave Echo Cave, the woman with spiked hair.
Linene and Leah start telling us that they’re here at our world for one reason. That one reason is Leah’s sister, the one Stabby saw in the green flames of the brazier. We ask who Eleneah is, ‘cause the woman called for her. Leah says that’s actually her real name.
After the big war, Leah and her family ran away, but they had to leave Leah’s sister. She is trapped behind a barrier, because her “inner beast” like Leah said, is very dangerous.


The problem is that Leah can’t enter the cave, where her sister is, because people with Elysian’s blood can’t pass the barrier.
Linene and Leah need our help and we do want to help them, but Leah says she will meet us there at the barrier, we already need to go.

So Linene, my two friends and I head up to the cave Leah told us about.
The cave goes straight down and has a yellow light downstairs.

Once we get downstairs, a happy female minotaur comes towards us. “Hi there! Oh I finally have company, normally no one comes here!! I’m Telami”

We introduce ourselves and she asks us to come with her, so we can drink and eat something at her house. Telami tells us she barely goes upstairs, she also tells us there is a woman with horns, a tail and wearing a red cloak in this cave, she looks like a demon. The demon comes here once a month and is not friendly at all, so Telami is happy she finally has visitors.

She has a cosy house, Stabby is her favourite, she loves Halflings. Creepy
We have a bad feeling about this, we think Telami is a crazy minotaur…


Vorpalith asks Telami for the bathroom, he goes to the bathroom and takes the opportunity to look around. He sees a weird symbol on the door of the basement. When Vorpalith comes back from the bathroom, he tells us what he saw. While Telami is busy making cookies in the kitchen, we discuss what we’re going to do. I suggest that I will help Telami in the kitchen while the others go check the house.
The other came back on time, Telami gives us cookies and something to drink. Telami insists we spend the night at her place and it seems like we don’t have a choice.

Telami takes Stabby to another room, he gets a crib, she acts like he’s her baby and tucks him in. He gets locked into “his” room.
When Telami comes back, I tell her I’m going 5 minutes outside, so Chip can play a little before we go to bed. She agrees and says “Ok, 5 minutes, then you come back inside.”


Linene and Vorpalith are still inside, Telami gives them blankets and goes to bed aswell. I’m still outside and manage to free Stabby out of his crib.
We go inside the house again and join Linene and Vorpalith to the basement.

We open the door to the basement and see purple torches, unfortunately these are detection torches… so Telami must know we’re in the basement now.
We run as fast as we can and enter a room (1), we hear Telami running towards us. Vorpalith and Linene hide themselfs behind the wall at the right side, I’m at the left side and Stabby acts like he’s sleepwalking. Telami enters the room and is very angry, she shouts “THERE IS NO EXIT HERE!!!”
We see no other way then to attack her. We win from her, but let her live and I give her few health potions because I feel really sorry for her. She actually wanted to protect us from this, she tells us it’s dangerous inside and we need to have Halfling’s blood to open the barrier. Telami doesn’t want Stabby to die for this stupid thing and gives us a ring with a stone in it, so we can enter the cave.
Telami leaves the room, very sad en badly injured. 😦

Schermafbeelding 2016-08-15 om 15.33.56


We go trough the barrier (2) and continue our way in the cave. We hear raindrops falling, which sounds like music. (3)
We see an improvised door (3-4), it has loose bricks. Suddenly we hear people talk behind this door, Linene says they talk Abyssal. We hear one normal voice and three very irritating voices. We listen at the door and hear them saying “we got to find the girl.”, trough the keyhole we see a man in a red cloak, it looks like a thiefling. We break into the room and manage to squish one imp, one of the three irritating voices. After we kill them, we take the thiefling’s red cloak and a jar with a little heart in it.

Outside the room, we hear flapping wings (3-5), we lure them into the next room (4) and kill them with holy water. They were little spinned devils, they had spines with a tube in it where you can put a liquid in and we learned that they’re immune to poison.
In this room (4) we find papers on a desk, Linene can read this papers and books because she can read Abyssal. She reads that an irritating woman lives in the cave, who can break the barrier without the need of Halfling’s blood. She also reads that there is a big dangerous beast.
We ask where Linene learned to read Abyssal, she tells us she fought in the big war and that she’s actually 258 years old!



Wave Echo Cave

14 Aug

>> Previous adventure

We go to the druid, we need his help to get to the Wave Echo Cave. The druid says he knows where the Wave Echo Cave is and flies us in his eagle shape shift to the cave.

Once there, he tells us he can’t come with us, we need to face this alone. So we go inside the cave, not much to see except for walls, but we hear like waves bashing against a wall.
We keep walking until we hear this strange noise, like a squishy sound.
We hear the squishy sound again and see something move between the bricks in the wall, creepy!

After a few halls we see a little pool, of course we’re a bit scared ’cause the water could be poisoned… (we’re such chickens)
But Stabby says he’s going to take the risk, and then he jumps into the water. Nothing happens, *pffew*. Then he sees a small entrance in the water. This entrance probably leads to another area, we decide not to risk it, since we don’t know how long the tunnel is.

We continue our way in the cave, when suddenly we see two jelly kinda things coming out of the walls.


Vorpalith thinks these are oozes, they are hard to fight against 😦
We locked ourselfs in a room, because on the other side we see skeletons! Yay! But of course one of the oozes got already in the room, we try to fight it but it absorbs almost everything we use! Then the second ooze comes dripping in the room, while we hear the skeletons “knocking” on the door.


It happens all so fast, but we light up the room and run outside. Stabby does a hero move against the skeletons, while we attack the skeletons and the oozes. One of the oozes is on fire, but we manage to kill the skeletons and wrap the other ooze in one of our cloaks.

With our ooze in a bag, we walk towards a room, it looks like a mushroom field and has a green light around it.
In the middle of the room stands big pillar, next to it a sleeping creature. I want to see if it’s friendly, but before I reach this animal, Stabby kills it… And yes, the creature was friendly…



Next room, a ghost appears, he introduces himself as Mormesk, a great wizard who’s looking for his armor. He orders us to find his armor.
We  follow our way trough the cave in search for Mormesk’s armor. The room next to the room where Mormesk appeared, stands an eyeball who’s looking into a green brazier. We kill the eyeball. In the corner of the room we find Mormesk’s armor and a nice looking sword next to it.
Stabby wants to know where the eyeball was looking at, so he stands in front of the brazier and looks in the green flames. Stabby sees a woman with spikes on her hair, she asks “Eleneah?”, Stabby jumps back to reality and tells us what he saw. Neither of us knows who the woman or Eleneah is.
We head back to Mormesk and give him his armor, in exchange for giving his armor back, he resurrects the dead bodies. They change into skeletons, he did this so they can help us killing the bugbears and other monsters who are wandering in this cave.

Further down the cave, we see a room with two entrances, but because we don’t know what’s inside the room, we try to find a solution to lure this dark elf outside this room. Eventually the black spider (dark elf) comes outside and we immediately attack him. He spawns a giant spider, which helps him fight against us. After a long fight, none of us bad injured, we can kill him. But before he died, we could ask him two questions. We ask “Who are you? What’s your name?” – he answers “My real name is Nezzar.” – “Who are you working for? Who is your boss?!” – “My boss is… Tiam…” and he died. Who could he mean?

After discussing this, we realize his boss is Tiamat!


Now that we killed the black spider, we walk to the room. It’s a very dark room with cobwebs all around, I shape shift into a spider en enter the room on the cobweb. I feel the presence of other spiders and either way they feel my presence. I walk further down the room and see a female statue, it’s the Godess Etherna. Because Stabby and Vorpalith are standing outside, they don’t know what I see, so I go back to take them with me into the room. Only Stabby joins me, on my back, ’cause Vorpalith is a bit to heavy to carry.

The statue misses an eye and a sword. I got the sword of Etherna and Stabby the eye, we both found in the room with the green brazier.
We put the sword and the eye on the right place and the statue starts talking. It says “You can ask me one question?” – “What’s the weakness of the Tiamat?” – “The weakness of the Tiamat, is the blue head of the 24 heads it has.”
And the statue stiffens again.


Suddenly a little spiders comes down from the statue, I talk with the little spider and get to know that his name is Arvazak. He also tells me his grandmother is the giant giant spider, but she’s not a sweet grandma. His grandmother calls Lakwillis and is very dangerous.
We hear a scary noise, Arvazak says it’s his grandmother and she lives under this room, 4 levels beneath it. We decide not to go downstairs.

I ask Arvazak if he doesn’t want to stay with us, Arvazak is ok with it and joins me on my shoulder next to Chip.



We leave the Echo Wave Cave and head back to our village Phandalin.


2 Feb

>> Previous adventure

The first thing we do when we arrive in Phandalin is go check on our black sphere in our safe, because no one can know we have this in our safe.
Leah comes towards us, she seems very irritated. She asks us “What is in that safe?”, we don’t really want to tell what’s in there (druid told us not to tell anyone), so we answer her there is nothing special in our safe, “So it’s ok, when I open the safe?” she asks (she is losing her patience). We tell her again there is nothing in it, only private stuff, but she gets angry, “I’m going to ask one last time, what is in your safe I need to know about?”


I finally answer her we found a black sphere a while ago at the ruins but the druid told us we should keep it quiet, she immediately asks for this sphere and says “It’s something very dangerous, no time to talk, we need to go, NOW.”

Leah and Vorpalith take their horses, Stabby and I our ponies and off we go!
We follow her and arrive at a cave with pillars, there are beautiful writings on these pillars and there’s also a portal inside this cave. We step trough the portal and Leah says we need to stay close to her and be very careful. The first thing we see are little flying islands and a temple standing on one of these islands.
Leah tells us we’re at Elysium (that’s where she comes from). She gives the sphere to one of the guards and says “You know what to do with it.”, the guard leaves and we ask Leah what’s actually going on ’cause we don’t have a clue why this sphere is so dangerous.
She starts telling us it’s one of the eyes of Tiamat. Tiamat is a dragonqueen, who lives in one of the layers of hell. Leah says “She spread 24 of these ‘eyes’ (spheres) over the world and she can see everything very detailed trough these eyes. It gets activated and that how she knows where to send her minions to.”
We are a bit shocked, but Leah keeps explaining, “Now Tiamat knows who you are, where you are, what happened in Phandalin and so on. And that’s not a good thing.” 


We apologize, but Leah answers she understands ’cause we didn’t know.
There is one thing I don’t understand so I ask her, “How did you know there was something dangerously in our safe?”, she answers, “I felt the powerful magic.” – Hmmm… we think it’s strange that she actually can feel magic, she is just a soldier? But we keep this question to ourself, we’ve already done enough.

Back in Phandalin I need to ask Leah one more question, “We found an owlbear and an owlbear statue in Cregmount Castle, I touched the owlbear, teleported to another dimension and fought against the owlbear. Too bad I lost the fight, but how can I get this owlbear back?”, Leah answers I need to go to Sunlands, it’s a Shaman environment but there I will find the answer on my question. Unfortunatly I don’t know how to get to Sunlands, neither does Leah, Vorpalith or Stabby. 😦


Cregmount Castle

12 Jan

>> Previous adventure


We still needed to rescue Gundrun, so we get on our way to Cregmount Castle. Once arrived at the castle, we see at the south side of the castle an entrance with a stair, but before we go up we want to check the other sides. At the north there is one wall collapsed and at the west (the main entrance) the gate is broken, so we decide to go inside trough the main entrance. (1-2)


At our left we hear some noises behind a door (3), we go take a peek trough the key hole and see Gundrun lying down in a corner but he was guarded by an orc and a dark elf, we think that might be King Groll and the Black Spider!
We’re a bit scared because of the other noises we hear further down in the castle, we want to check these noises first before saving Gundrun.

So we go down (4), we hear three little goblins, we lure them and hide in barrels (2), except Vorpalith, he’s too big. We kill all three of them and continue our way. We find an altar with a dagger on it (8), Stabby is very interested in the dagger but suddenly we hear a lot of noise (definitely a beast), we run back to the barrels and wait for the enemy to come.
Out of the dark we see some tentacles (EEK! 7), it was an octopus kinda monster and it seemed very strong. We start attacking this monster, we manage to kill it and we run back to the altar (8) ’cause Stabby really wants that dagger…

Behind the door left from the altar we hear footsteps, a lot of footsteps… We run back to the barrels (2), hide in it again and wait ’til the footsteps pass us. The footsteps are coming from six goblins and Stabby and I jump out of the barrels, while they pass us. *SURPRISE ATTACK* 😀


Vorpalith uses his thunderstrike to kill all these goblins at once, not realizing it makes THUNDER noises. He kills the goblins but he also hits us with his spell, all the barrels break and Stabby and I fly away against the wall, getting damage.
And of course the thunder echoing trough the whole castle.
Stabby’s and my reaction (see picture below).


We run back to the chamber where Gundrun is kept prison (3), but we were too late, he was already killed ’cause they knew we were coming (thanks to the thunder). The dark elf wasn’t in the chamber anymore, but king Groll still was, so we killed him, the bastard.

I felt so bad about Gundrun.


While we were looking around in this chamber, we hear thumping on a door down (6). We’re real adventurers so we go find out what’s causing this thumping, we peak trough the keyhole and we see a giant owlbear who seems very angry. Behind us we hear footsteps and two men talking, we hide under these beds (5) and kill them.
In one of the men’s cloaks we find a little owlbear statue and I realize the owlbear didn’t make anymore noises, so I go inside (my animal heart tells me I have to) to check the animal (6). Actually it was pretty big, but it seemed very calm and I want to know why he suddenly got so calm. I investigate this animal and I find out the little owlbear statue makes sure he is in a kind of trance.

While I’m so busy trying to figure out what’s wrong with the owlbear, Vorpalith and Stabby sit down looking at me like:


But I don’t care, I touch this beautiful creature and suddenly I’m in a forest with this owlbear, only him and me. He seemed very angry, I try to calm him down by talking to him but looks like he doesn’t care, he charges towards me and starts attacking me. I don’t have another choice than to attack him back, so I did, but too late, the owlbear won and I plop back to Cregmount Castle.
Stabby and Vorpalith ask me what the hell happened, so I explain them everything. I still hope to see this owlbear back, because I didn’t lose the owlbear statue! *-*

We leave Cregmount Castle, knowing we failed to rescue Gundrun 😦


New lord of Phandalin

8 Jan

>> Previous chapter        >> First chapter

Vorpalith tries to save Stabby but with no success because the magical fire cage is blocking him. We stand powerless, while Stabby is dying.


The cage contains powerful magic, not knowing what to do, I call Leah. She runs towards us and we explain what just happened.
I tell her that I found a red dagger in the wizard’s cloak. I give the red dagger to Leah and she knows what to do… With a swift movement she closes the portal using the dagger, right on time because something was crawling out of the portal!
Leah then turns to Stabby, takes her sword and hits the fire cage when suddenly it disappears. To ensure the safety of our little halfling friend, Vorpalith takes Stabby on his back.



Back in Phandalin Stabby recovers at Mw. Alderleaf’s house. In the meanwhile Vorpalith and I go talk with Linene and Halia, they tell us they haven’t seen the mayor since we left.
Vorpalith and I notice that the Lion’s shield guards got replaced by undead. We don’t trust this at all…
Linene tells us she wants to let the Lord of Neverwinter know that we’re also running for the election. She gives Leah the letter and Leah immediately leaves to Neverwinter.

Stabby got healed, so Vorpalith and I go get him. Stabby tells us Mw. Alderleaf is actually his aunt and he can stay at her house as long as he wants. Vorpalith and I can also stay, but in the barn.

Next day we go search for Tzernoth, the place we found him. On our way, we meet Leah. The first thing we notice is that despite the cold temperature outside her breath isn’t visible, and ours was. I’m curious, so I ask why Leah is different and why she knew how to use the dagger and how to destroy the cage. Leah answers that she’s an Elysian, they live in Elysium (some magical place I don’t really know anything about). She also tells me the red dagger is from nine hell’s of Balthazar.


The lord of Neverwinter arrived in Phandalin. We see Tzernoth already standing on the stage he had built. I don’t hesitate and I join him on stage, Stabby follows me, but stands further behind me. Vorpalith stays at the stairs.

I am elected by the people, Halia and Lions Shield to be Lady of Phandalin.

I provoke the necromancer, go to him, shake his hand and say he was a worthy opponent. Tzernoth laughs (in a dark way), and makes a gesture in the air with his hand. All the undead guards start to attack the people on the square. I don’t hesitate a moment and I stab him with my dagger. “I send my regards, baby.” 😉


Unfortunately the undead keep attacking people, but the lord of Neverwinter casts some sort of holy spell and all the undead drop dead.


Well… at least a Lady, good enough. For now! 😉

Vorpalith wants the Manor to be our house, but I tell him we don’t have enough money yet to restore it.

Together we go to the mayor’s house to search for more evidence, ’cause he was still missing. We find a letter from the Black Spider, we read that he is very disappointed in the mayor because his precious animal (Notic) and the Red Brands are murdered and the mayor did nothing to avoid these murders.

I choose Linene as second Lady, so when I’m gone she can take over the city, but she’s also the Head of Trading. Halia is Hand of the Lady. Leah becomes Lady Commander, Sildar Master of Trades and Aunty Alderleaf becomes Senior Nurse of the hospital we’re going to build.



Phandalin in danger

18 Dec

>> Previous adventure     >> First adventure

My friends and I don’t trust the mayor, so we go ask him why he choose Tzernoth (necromancer) to be his successor.
On our way to the mayor’s house we see a strange man leaving the mayor’s house, followed by the necromancer. We wait ’til they are out of sight.
We knock on the mayor’s door and he seems very irritated. We ask him why he wants Tzernoth to be the leader of the city, he answers no one else is capable to protect this city. He tells us he will stay the mayor, but Tzernoth will become the Lord of Phandalin. “It’s very late, so goodnight!”, he says and slams the door.

We go back to the Alderleaf farm, where we keep watching the mayor’s house. Suddenly, we see that strange man again! He puts a letter in the mailbox of the mayor. Stabby is too curious and runs stealth to the mailbox to get this letter. He doesn’t pay attention, so instead of taking that one letter, he takes all of them. Once returned to Vorpalith and me, he opens the letter. A purple substance drips from the letter on Stabby’s foot. It burns trough Stabby’s shoes and he loses his little toe.


The substance even burns trough the floor. Mw. Alderleaf is not happy and throws us out of her house.
Vorpalith, Stabby and I decide to go to the manor, so we could open the letter more carefully. Vorpalith opens it, but the letter wasn’t readable anymore. The only thing we could see was a picture of a black sphere, it looks like the sphere we found at the Dragon Cult house.
Suddenly we hear noises, we see Tzernoth (necromancer), the strange man and the mayor standing outside at the mayor’s house. The strange man points at the mailbox, the mayor shrugs and gives the impressions he doesn’t know what the strange man is talking about.
We know they’re talking about us, so we keep waiting while the necromancer is looking around and keeps watching the manor. Stabby decides to burn the letters. Luckily, no one can see the fire and the smoke.
We kept waiting, until the strange man and the necromancer left.

We go to the center of the town and we see Leah riding on her horse. She comes towards us and asks “Are you guys ready? We’ll talk about the letter later.”
Stabby and I each get a pony, named Sugarmane and Lollyflop, while Vorpalith gets a horse named Pinkypoep (= Pinkyass).

My imagination of our ponies =)


We arrive at a place, where the road is blocked by demons. Leah explains that there are three portals, two little ones and a big one. She asks us to climb downstairs, while they try to defeat these demons.

We climb down and see one person standing at a portal, next to the portal there are three posts, where are standing four persons around each post with their hands towards it.

Then we see a cart with humans on it, a big beast pulling the cart. That one person standing at the portal start killing the people, their blood flows to the portal and thanks to their blood the portal keeps growing.
Stabby attacks the one person (@ portal), Vorpalith and I assist. We kill this person, but also his blood flows to the portal. Vorpalith runs to one of these posts, the people standing there run towards Vorpalith and explode. Stabby does the same. I don’t want to get damage, so I create an illusion of myself with my Druidcraft. These three posts collapse, but the portal keeps growing because of all the blood.The big beast pulling the cart comes back, at that moment Leah and her group run towards us. We manage to kill the beast and we start riding, until we stumble upon a wall made of ivy. There is something behind this wall, Vorpalith and I yell at Leah we need to stop. Stabby sticks his head inside and stands face-to-face with a skeleton minotaur.
We all storm inside, Leah starts fighting the skeleton minotaur and we decide to help her. Stabby tries to backstab but the minotaur gives him a knock, causing him to fly backwards between evil minions. Vorpalith runs to Stabby to go help him.
Stabby sees the big portal with a wizard standing in front of it, he takes his shortbow, climbs on the shoulders of Vorpalith and attacks. Stabby gets severely injured, falls unconsciousness down from Vorpalith’s shoulders and gets a fire cage around him.
I saw it all happening and run to the wizard. Vorpalith gets charmed by this wizard, but I manage to kill the wizard in time. He falls dead, together with some of the minions. All the blood flows to the portal.
I find a red dagger inside the wizard’s cloak.
Vorpalith tries to save Stabby, with no success, it’s a magical cage. We stand powerless, while Stabby is dying.

The Dragon Cult

13 Dec

>> Previous adventure         >> First adventure

We hear a lot of noise and we run away, luckily, ’cause the dragon breaths fire towards us. Vorpalith was right to be scared…


The dragon starts attacking us, we got injured, but so did the dragon. The green dragon flies away, I use my Druidcraft and yell to the dragon “Are you giving up already ?”, “I’m coming back.” he answers.

Suddenly a few men stand behind us, they’re wearing black cloaks. They yell “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? We wanted that dragon! We are the Dragon Cult and we have dragons that already obey us and we wanted THAT dragon! You are going to pay for this!”
Vorpalith, Stabby and I are stronger and manage to kill all of them, except for one. We start interrogating him when suddenly a giant black dragon flies above the man and let the man’s face wither away.

I tell my friends we should take these black cloaks with us, because there might be more Dragon Cults around.
We start looking for the house where the Dragon Cult lived. Inside the house we find a black sphere with little shiny stars twinkling inside.



We wrap the sphere in a cloak and go back to the druid. The druid says it contains magic, he doesn’t know what kind of magic, but tells us we can’t show it to anyone.

Back at Phandalin, Linene and Halia tell us the mayor has given 30k gold to the necromancer, so the necro could take over the city. Halia and Linene don’t trust this and want one of us to be the leader of the city. We decide to run for election, only Halia’s signature is still needed.
In the meanwhile Leah asks us for help.


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